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A.S. KANG 江亚森

A.S. Kang (Kang Ah Sim) was born in Kedah in 1951. Despite the absence of any formal art education, Kang managed to establish himself as a prominent artist in the competitive art world through his relentless hard works and fiery passion towards art.


As a jack in all pots, Kang is skilled in a wide range of media including acrylic, Chinese ink painting & calligraphy, and even sculpturing. This is especially surprising given that all of these are learnt from the artist’s self-taught processes.


Kang’s expertise in depicting Koi fish – an emblem of good luck, prosperity, and spiritual advancement highly popular among the Asian community, is truly exceptional. Being stirred viciously by a huge cluster of koi fish, the dynamic of the pristine yet turbulent water and the vibrant colours of koi magically emanates both power and serenity. It is no wonder that Kang is titled as “The King of Koi” across the art industry.


As the life member of Angkatan Pelukis Kedah and Penang Art Society, Kang’s collectors include the National Art Gallery, Bank Negara Malaysia and other private sectors.


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