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张掖丹霞秘境,2021 - 73 cm x 95 cm - oil on canvas-chung hwee chang.jpg



b. Malacca, 1950


Artist Biography

Born in Malacca in 1950, Chung Hwee Chang graduated from the University of London with Bachelor of Arts. Her two brothers - Chung Chen Sun and Chong Chen Chuan are both prominent art masters in the Malaysian art arena. Under their influence, Chung developed great interest in drawing from a young age. 

Throughout her 20 years teaching career, Chung has taught Chinese and Art and was frequently invited as the judge for art & calligraphy competitions. Since her retirement, she continues to pursue her love for art by participating in art exhibitions held by prestigious local and international organisations in Malaysia, Singapore, and China. This includes specially organised exhibitions for charitable causes, such as the exhibition to raise funds for the Nepal earthquake disaster's orphans in 2015.

Chung has participated actively in exhibitions organised by local societies in the Selangor and Kuala Lumpur area starting from 2014. In 2014, Chung joined group exhibitions held in Fui Chiu Association Kuala Lumpur and Jing Tai Chuan Art Museum, the latter was held together with her family members, including artist Chong Chen Chuan. She also published her own art catalogue in the same year.

Chung further exhibited together with the Chung family in Galeri Chong Chen Chuan, Malacca (2015), Visual Arts Centre, Singapore (2017), and Zhong Hui Ying Art Gallery, Johor (2018) respectively. In 2016, Chung participated in the group exhibition organised by Duo Yun Xuan Art Gallery, Malacca. In 2020, Chung exhibited her artworks at the “Human, Nature, the Nature of Humans” group exhibition held in Zoo Art Gallery, Selangor. Chung is also a permanent member of the National Art Gallery.

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