ABOUT LIFE (2017) by Lai Loong Sung

ABOUT LIFE (2017) by Lai Loong Sung



b. Selangor, 1944




Signed, dated and inscribed

Oil on canvas

107 cm x 92 cm


Inscriptions: The life and death of an individual are destined. Are the life and death of a population destined as well? From the primitive era to today’s vibrant night city, is this our fate to walk amidst poisonous water, filthy smokes and neon illusions towards the end? With the continued environmental pollution, even if humankind manages to move to Mars, the same cycle is sure to repeat again......



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  • Born 1944 in Selangor, Lai Loong Sung graduated from the Kuala Lumpur College of Art in 1970, where he taught as a lecturer for 10 years. He has become a full-time artist since 1998, with painting media ranging from woodblock print, oil painting and Chinese ink. In particular, his woodcut prints and sketches had won in a competition organised by the National Visual Arts Gallery in Malaysia.


    Lai’s solo exhibition was first held in Kuala Lumpur in 1977. After that, he has held further solo exhibitions in Johor, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur. In 2013, he was even invited twice to held solo exhibitions in China. His artworks were displayed in overseas exhibitions such as the “2015 Art Kaohsiung” Expo and other countries like Italy and Australia.


    As a young news editor at that time, Lai’s early artworks reflect a critical perspective towards society and dark reality. However, his trip to Europe and a profoundly painful experience during the 1980s inspired him to embrace the concept of ‘Surrealism’ and philosophical themes of ‘Space, Time & Life’. You can also observe a fusion of East and West in his artworks due to the artist’s mastery in Chinese Calligraphy.

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