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Yellow Flower

Beauty at Eighties


Solo exhibition


Lim Peng Fei 林鹏飞


20/04/2014 - 04/05/2014


Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur


Lim Peng Fei graduated from the Art Department of Taiwan Normal University and held his first solo exhibition at the History Museum of Taipei in 1963. As an overseas Chinese young man, his exhibition brought huge sensation to the Taipei art circle.

He learnt Chinese ink animals and flowers techniques from Master Lin Yi San, Chinese ink landscape painting from Master Huang Jun Bi, and western art drawing from Master Liao Xi Chun. He absorbed all the essentials of drawing from these famous masters, and when he returned, he started to create his own style of drawing especially in Chinese ink.

Being low profile, Lim held only a few exhibitions, but his fervent passion to study art never ends. At this point of time, even when suffering from memory losses and heavy illness, Lim is still able to transform his pain into a spiritual realm of artistic creation process.

With his naïve, romantic temperament and immense talent towards colour, he creates yet another new style of drawing --- Western abstract artworks. To this artist we admire, and to this exhibition we appreciate!





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