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b. Perak, 1945 - d. 2017


Phang Chew, a self-taught artist from Perak, was known for his sublime watercolours depicting Ipoh's natural beauty. He was an esteemed figure of the "Kinta River Drawing Style" school. The Kinta River, at the heart of Perak, has nurtured its enchanting landscapes and inspired artists for years. During Ipoh's prosperous years in the 1950s and 60s driven by the rise of the mining industry, it was known as the "city of culture", attracting artists from other regions to showcase their works in this vibrant milieu. Despite the fall of the mining industry and waning economic fortunes, local artists like Phang continued to draw inspiration from Ipoh's captivating landscapes with a shared style and techniques, giving rise to the "Kinta River's Style of Drawing" in Malaysia.

Phang, although never formally trained, relentlessly honed his drawing skills. After decades in the business world, he retired to immerse himself in art, advocating plein air painting. Actively engaged in the art scene, he was on the committee of the Contemporary Malaysian Watercolorists Association and Perak Art Society. He participated in various exhibitions across East Asia, such as Thailand, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan. For instance, Phang was invited to join the “Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennial Exhibition”, Shanghai (2010) and “World Watermedia Exposition”, Bangkok (2014). His works were also featured in group exhibitions held at the National Art Gallery (2006 & 2011) and Balai Seni Menara Maybank (2019). Phang held several solo shows, including “What a Picturesque World” at Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (2009) and “Wonders of Nature” at Balai Berita, Kuala Lumpur (2010). In 2019, his retrospective exhibition – “The Memories Journey of Phang Chew” was held at Pin Wei Zhai Art Gallery, Ipoh.

Abstract Wavy Object


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