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Back to Traditional: Solo Exhibition by Kueh Chai Phiaw


Solo exhibition


Kueh Chai Phiaw 郭才标


13/12/2015 - 27/12/2015


Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur


Kueh Chai Phiaw is undisputedly a dedicated classical Chinese ink artist equipped with one of the most rigid Chinese ink art foundation in the local art scene.

In 1962, Kueh studied at the Department of Fine Arts of Taiwan Normal University, where he was directly taught by important art masters including Huang Junbi, Lin Yushan, Pu Xinyu, Liao Jichun and Ma Baishui. As such, his artworks inherited the masters’ style and demeanour underpinned by profound traditional drawing fundamentals and compositions.

After thousands of years of refinement, the cornerstone of Chinese ink painting ultimately focuses on the mental state and ability to integrate painting techniques with the soul. Under this concept, the ethereal and the serene; the nostalgic and the humble; the natural yet solemn, are all inseparable factors in a painting.

Looking at Kueh’s artistic pieces, you can certainly distinguish these great symbols filled to the brim. His monumental expression and cultured composure are certainly unparalleled!





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