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Yellow Flower

Happy New Year Exhibition


Group exhibition


Abdul Ghani, Cheah Sek Meng 谢锡明, Hu Kai Ping (Hong Kong) 胡凯评, Lai Tiew Seong 黎潮湘, Lam Siong Onn 蓝祥安, Lim Kim Hai 林金海, Puah Kim Hai 潘金海, Tham Peng Choon 谭炳泉, Wong Kean Choon 黄健俊, Wong Lo (Hong Kong) 黄鲁 and more. Late artists: Chow Kok Seong 周国祥, Tang Tuck Kan 邓德根, Tew Nai Tong 张耐冬, Wong Jong Nong 王永农, Wong Nai Chin 黄乃群


11/01/2015 - 25/01/2015


Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur


January 2015 is the beginning month of the New Year. And as such, Younie Gallery has also entered the seventh year of business operation. With infinite blessings and expectations, we will be planning a fine art exhibition featured with unique collections at reasonably good price, to benefit our long supporting collectors and art lovers.

This time, our exhibiting artists comes from diverse ethnic groups and countries. There is no restriction in terms of themes and mediums, yet there is one thing in common - all artworks are created by well-known, veteran artists.

Works from the late artists Tew Nai Tong, Tang Tuck Kan, Wong Nai Chin, Chow Kok Seong and Wong Jong Nong will be exhibited. There will also be works by contemporary artists like Wong Lo and Hu Kai Ping from Hong Kong, local artists Lim Kim Hai, Abdul Ghani, Lai Tiew Seong, Wong Kean Choon, Tham Peng Choon, Cheah Sek Meng, Puah Kim Hai, Lam Siong Onn and so on. All of these remarkable artworks are certainly worth your visit.

We shall be waiting for your arrival and wishing you a Happy New Year!



此间有已故画家张耐冬、邓德根、黄乃群、周国祥与王永农,当代的画家有来自香港的黄鲁与胡凯评,本地画家有林金海、ABDUL GHANI、黎潮湘、黄健俊,谭炳泉、谢锡明、潘金海、蓝祥安、卢伙生等等。因此,艺术精神与价值高深,值得您到访欣赏!


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