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Yellow Flower

Prominent Artists' Artworks Joint Exhibition: Chinese Ink Painting & Calligraphy

名家作品联展系列: 水墨书画展

Joint Exhibition


Cheah Wun Chow 谢焕洲, Chew Fang Chin 周方正, Chow Kok Seong 周国祥, Hu Chaogong 胡朝拱, Hu Kai Ping 胡凯评, Huang Shian 黄石庵, Kueh Chai Phiaw 郭才标, Lai Tiew Seong 黎潮湘, Le Chek Wen 吕介文, Lee Kah Yeow 李家耀, Lum Weng Kong 林荣光, Puah Kim Hai 潘金海, Sim Mow Yu, Datuk 拿督 沈慕羽 局绅, Tay Poi San 郑贝山, Wong Nai Chin 黄乃羣, Xiao Yaotian 萧遥天, Yung Shing Cho 容绳祖, Zheng Yuebo 郑月波


21/2/2022 - 13/3/2022


Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur


Younie Gallery is pleased to introduce you to the 2nd series of Prominent Artists' Art Exhibition this February!

This unique exhibition features 20 pieces of Chinese Ink & Calligraphy works by well-known Asian & Malaysian artists.

We look forward to seeing you around!

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