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Prominent Artists' Artworks Joint Exhibition: Figuratives

名家作品联展系列: 人物

Joint Exhibition


Aung Thiha, Awang Azmi Awang Bakar, Chia Hoy Sai 谢惠载, Christianne Goonting, Calvin Chua Cheng Koon 蔡清坤, Kwan Chin (Goh Yee), Kueh Chai Phiaw 郭才标, Lai Tiew Seong 黎潮湘, Loke Gee Chian 陆宇坚, Lum Weng Kong 林荣光, Mg Mg Yin Min, Ri Yong Song 李勇松, Yong Khek Cheong 杨克昌, Zakir Amir Md Derus


21/3/2022 - 15/4/2022


Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur


Welcome to the 3rd exhibition of our Prominent Artists' Art Exhibition series - "Figuratives"!

Each exhibition features 20 remarkable pieces of artwork by prominent artists from Malaysia as well as other Asian countries, all carefully curated by us to bring the best art to you.

The human being has always been a fascinating subject throughout the entire art history. This exhibition aims to capture the complexity and dynamism of human beings – not just the natural shapes and contours of the human body, but also the power of emotions, the contrasting nature of life’s tranquility and robust energy, and the significance of human bonds.

We believe that beauty exists in each individual, regardless of age, gender and appearance. Because the greatest beauty of all is the very heart of humanity – full of empathy and serenity, peace and honesty, free and equal – that lies deep within our soul.

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