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Yellow Flower

The Legend of Ships


Solo exhibition


Jayson Yeoh 杨觉昇


12/07/2015 - 26/07/2015


Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur


Being a self-taught artist allows Jayson Yeoh to develop his own distinctive style and personality through his artworks. Ever since the creation of the sketching cum semi-realism local Nanyang watercolour style pioneered by the late Master Yong Mun Sen, it is Jayson Yeoh that has invented one of the most impressive new contemporary semi-realism style and trend in Malaysia.

He fixes his painting subject on “ship” - from there he creates stories and legends, narrating the bitter and sweet of life. With his ingenious use of the language of colours, wise composition, the building of air and atmosphere, perception of time flow and exceptional imagination, Jayson Yeoh vividly brings these interesting stories to life.

Each painting is given birth from the internal dialogue with his soul. They represent life itself, or an exploration of life’s meaning during miserable times. With a unique, vigorous expression of thoughts and emotions, Jayson Yeoh is arguably the most remarkable contemporary watercolourist in Malaysia!




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