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码头闲情 | 李祈成

码头闲情 | 李祈成


b. Selangor, 1962





Signed and sealed ‘Kee Seng Lee’ (lower left)

Watercolour on paper, framed

40 cm x 57 cm

  • Born in Klang in 1962, Lee Kee Seng's artistic journey commenced with his graduation from the Kuala Lumpur College of Art (KLCA), where he achieved a Diploma in Fine Art, followed by a Higher Diploma in Art Education Research. His artistic prowess shines most brilliantly in the medium of watercolor, although he is also adept in acrylic painting. Lee finds his inspiration mostly in landscapes, drawn to the mesmerizing allure of untouched natural beauty and the quaint, rustic charm of fishing villages in Pulau Ketam. With a deep passion for art education, Lee established the Eden Art Studio right in his hometown, taking on the role of principal. There, he eagerly shares his love for art with local youth and nurtures their budding artistic talents.


    Lee is a life member of the National Art Gallery and has been serving as the President of the Klang Artists Society since 2001. He is also a committee member of the Contemporary Malaysian Watercolorists Association and a member of the Malaysian Watercolour Society. His works have developed a consistent presence at the annual showcases of these three societies. Lee has held 2 solo exhibitions in 1993 and 2006 respectively. Other major group shows include international exhibitions and invitation shows across Asia since 1993. His creations have left their mark in cities like Henan, Shanghai, and Beijing in China, as well as Seoul in Korea, Osaka in Japan, Bali in Indonesia, Songkhla in Thailand, and the vibrant city-state of Singapore, truly expanding the horizons of his remarkable artistic journey.

颜色: 蓝色


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