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b. Sabah, 1970


Dr Zaimie Sahibil is a member of the National Visual Arts Development Board. He graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (UNIMAS), in 2008 with a Master in Visual Arts Technology (UMS) and in 2014 the Doctorate in Visual Arts Technology (UMS). He started to hold joint and solo art exhibitions in 1995 and is active in the visual arts scene at both national and international levels through the Sabah Art Gallery and Visual Arts Association Sabah. He is proficient in mediums such as watercolour, dye, acrylic, oil paint, fabric and beads to produce two-dimensional works such as paintings, collages and printouts.

He is sometimes engaged as a judge in art competitions, curator and manager of exhibitions at national and international levels. With a global impact, Dr Sahibil's creations have garnered attention from prominent figures, national leaders, dignitaries, celebrities, and art enthusiasts worldwide. His works have found a home in the collections of avid art collectors across the globe, spanning regions such as Europe, Japan, Dubai, Taiwan, Singapore, and England. His artistic journey has led to the presentation of his work in over 40 exhibitions, including more than a dozen solo exhibitions.

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