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Yellow Flower

Back to Basics IV


Group exhibition


Chong Choon Woon 张竣文, Heng Eow Lin 王耀麟, Lai Tiew Seong 黎潮湘, Loke Gee Chian 陆宇坚, Ng Hon Loong 吴汉龙


11/05/2014 - 25/05/2014


Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur


“BACK TO BASICS” is an annual special exhibition curated by Younie Gallery. Due to the environmental and cultural restraints of this country, local artists lack of a platform to showcase their superb artworks. These spectacular works are a combination of fine art and inner spirit, presented in the most natural and primitive way, which is the pairing and fusion of line and colour for the simplest subject – the form of human nude.

Nude art is the highest degree of pure art for every artist, requiring the meticulous blending of both an artist’s painting techniques and the soul in order to achieve and radiate the true essence of art brilliantly. And that is how they bring out a lasting beauty to the viewers’ world, remaining in eternity.



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