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Yellow Flower

Happy Prosperity Year


Group exhibition


A.S. Kang 江亚森, Lai Tiew Seong 黎潮湘, Loke Gee Chian 陆宇坚, Loo Foh Sang 卢伙生, Puah Kim Hai 潘金海


12/01/2014 - 26/01/2014


Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur


Younie Gallery is welcoming spring festival with a mixed media exhibition. As many should know, “koi” is the symbol of prosperity since “fish” has the same pronunciation with the word “residual” in Chinese, meaning that our fortune will remain for the whole year.

Even though it may sound like a common theme, the artworks created by the group of artists are rather outstanding – A. S. Kang illustrated the dynamic between fish and water using acrylic; Puah Kim Hai created a strong colour of prosperous using Chinese ink; Loo Foh Sang’s daring attempt to depict movement of fish through mono silk printing; Lai Tiew Seong’s Chinese ink demonstrating wealth in a sense of simplicity and coolness; whereas Loke Gee Chian rendered a joyous touch to the world of fish in water. These artworks are great for both purposes of appreciation and collection.

这是一项多元媒体的春节艺术作品展,展览纯粹以普凡物象 – 锦鲤为新年意象的代言祥物。“鱼”与“余”是同音之字,因此“鱼”即是丰衣足食,财富累积之兆。


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