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繁忙市集 (2013) Min Yin Thant

繁忙市集 (2013) Min Yin Thant


b. Myanmar, 1977




Signed and dated 'Min Yin Thant 2013' (lower right)
Acrylic on canvas
89 cm x 115 cm



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  • 关于艺术家

    Born in Myanmar in 1977, Min Yin Thant has emerged as a celebrated artist known for his exceptional ability to capture the beauty inherent in everyday life. Armed with a Bachelor of Art in Painting from the University Culture in Yangon, he wields oil and acrylic painting as his chosen media, infusing his works with a unique warmth that resonates deeply with audiences.

    A dedicated member of both the Myanmar Artist Organization (Sale Centre) and the Asia Artists Association Malaysia (AAAM), Min Yin Thant's artistic journey extends beyond borders. With a portfolio encompassing more than 50 exhibitions spanning over two decades, his art has graced galleries in Myanmar and Malaysia, captivating viewers with his intricate depictions of ordinary moments suffused with extraordinary splendor. Exhibitions include “Back to Nature Exhibition”, FINDARS, Malaysia (2009), “Art Asia 2015”, Kuala Lumpur (2015), “Art Expo Malaysia Plus”, Color Cube Art Gallery, Malaysia (2017), “Joyous Together”, Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (2023), “Smell of the Summer Colors”, Artissmile Art Gallery, Myanmar (2023) and “12th Asia Art Alliance Exhibition 2023 Singapore”, Art Vouge D’ Nation, Singapore (2023).

    Min Yin Thant's work finds harmony in the intersection of cultures and the nuances of human emotion. His art transcends geographical boundaries, inviting us all to embrace the profound significance of life's simple joys. Through his canvases, he not only captures fleeting moments but also illuminates the enduring beauty that lies within the fabric of our existence.



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