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Younie Gallery Exhibition - Malaysia leading fine art gallery - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our Stories

Younie Gallery is a fine art gallery based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The gallery started operation in 2009 and has been actively promoting Malaysian artworks ever since. Today, apart from holding art exhibitions by both local Malaysian and foreign artists, we also deal in old Chinese paintings, porcelain, ceramics and other Asian works of art.

Debuting on the Malaysian Art Scene

Younie Gallery debuted as a partner of Chin Woo Art Gallery, which was located at a little corner inside the main building of Chin Woo Stadium, Kuala Lumpur back in September 2009. Though fresh and new, this did not stop the founder & operator, Ms Younie Wong from actively curating myriads of exhibitions. Art exhibitions were held once per month, and sometimes even up to two per month, mainly featuring works by veteran local artists.

The gallery ended partnership with Chin Woo Art Gallery after a year and started operating on its own at No. 64 Jalan Kuantan, Titiwangsa in 2010. Located only 550 meters away from the National Art Gallery, this is where many art lovers and collectors get to know us from over the years. 

A Familiar Face in Local Newspaper

颜丽轩画廊 Younie Gallery featured in The Star Newspaper
颜丽轩画廊 Younie Gallery featured in 星洲日报 Sinchew Daily
颜丽轩画廊 Younie Gallery featured in 南洋商报 Nanyang Siang Pao Press
颜丽轩画廊 Younie Gallery featured in 中国报 China Press News
颜丽轩画廊 Younie Gallery featured in 东方日报 Oriental Daily Press

The gallery has always been a familiar face in local newspapers, where exhibition details and articles were frequently published.  Readers of local Chinese newspapers such as Sinchew Daily and Oriental Daily would often see articles written by our curator, Ms Younie, sharing her thoughts and reviews on the ongoing exhibition in the gallery at that time. 


She comments on the style of painting of featured artists, guiding readers to better understand and appreciate the strength and uniqueness each artist showcases in their works.

From Art Gallery to Art & Culture Event Organiser

With the aim to create more art awareness among the public, Younie Gallery stepped up its role from being just an art gallery to an art & culture event organizer.


Younie Gallery Sdn Bhd presented art lovers with Artists Art Fair Malaysia 2014, Artists Art Fair Malaysia 2015 as well as Art Asia 2014 and Art Asia 2015, which both were held for 2 consecutive years in a row (2014 & 2015).


In between, the gallery moved out from Jalan Kuantan after 7 years and relocated to KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre Kuala Lumpur in the year 2014.

The Establishment of Younie's Auction

Younie Gallery later moved out from Titiwangsa area in 2016 and found its place in Jalan Klang Lama (Old Klang Road), one of the historically significant and busiest streets in Kuala Lumpur.


Initially located at Scott Garden, Ms Younie established a sister company to the gallery - Younie's Auction (2016), an auction house selling not only local & Asian fine arts but also Asian porcelain and works of arts, Chinese Teas and purple clay pots.


Therefore, other than normal art exhibitions, the gallery also became the display centre for previews and even auction venue for auction events held by Younie's Auction.

Organising Kuala Lumpur's First Hotel Art Expo

In 2018, we relocated once again from Scott Garden to 3rd Mile Square, which is still along Old Klang Road. In this year, Younie Gallery Sdn Bhd decided to bring back Art Asia and made a slight twist in its name to become Art Asia KL.


Art Asia KL kickstarted with Hotel Art Expo in Kuala Lumpur - where works are exhibited in hotel guest rooms rather than in traditional white cubes, stimulating exhibitors to play with ideas to creatively display their works within the given hotel room setting. This expo was avant-garde in Malaysia but a trending art fair concept in the global art world.

Art Asia @KL 2018 Hotel Art Expo was held in the Palace of the Golden Horses, officiated by Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah, then Secretary General of Ministry of Tourism and opening VIPs Tan Sri Ong Tee Keat and Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew. The expo was visited by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, founder of AirAsia and his spouse.

Art Asia@KL 2019 Asian Warisan Fair

In 2019, Art Asia KL launched another project - Asian Warisan Fair, one of the most comprehensive international art & culture exhibition event in Malaysia, bringing together art and cultural products, handicrafts and collectables from all over the world.


Art Asia@KL 2019 Asian Warisan Fair was officiated by the advisor of Malay Businessmen and Industrial Association of Malaysia - Selangor Branch (PERDASAMA) advisor YM Tengku Shamsulbhari, and welcomed embassy representatives from Azerbaijan, Lesotho, Palestine, Peru, Senegal, Thailand, Turkmenistan and Yemen. 

The event was proudly featured in news media such as The Star and Aceh Journal National Network.

Officially Opened in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia's leading fine art gallery

We are pleased to let you know that Younie Gallery is now moved to Aurora Place, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur! The location is inside a shopping mall, next to Pavilion 2 Bukit Jalil.


Aside from fine art, you can also find exquisite vintage collectables here, semi-precious stones & accessories and more to come. Stay tuned!

A Big Thank You to All Our Supporters

Younie Gallery would like to sincerely thank you, dear collectors and friends, for the amount of love and continuous support given to us over the years. We will be working harder to fulfil the role of educating and inspiring the public to appreciate and value arts & culture even more.

Learn More on Younie's Auction and Art Asia KL

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