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Why buy from Younie E-Gallery?

Younie E-Gallery brings you carefully curated selection of Malaysian fine works by local Malaysian artists. Younie Gallery is a trustworthy fine art gallery that has already been in the Malaysian art scene for more than 10 years. All artworks we sell are original and accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

Shipping, Delivery & Insurance

All shipping and delivery are free worldwide when you purchase an artwork from Younie E-Gallery. Insurance is complimentary throughout the delivery journey from Younie E-Gallery to buyers.

Estimated Delivery Time:

3 - 7 working days in Malaysia

7 - 14 working days overseas

(Subject to changes during MCO)


Free Framing Service

Artworks may be framed or unframed and Chinese paintings & calligraphies mounted. We provide free framing service for all unframed artworks! This service is exclusively for buyers in Malaysia only for the ease and safety of delivery. To request for framing, kindly contact us after the purchase of artwork: Contact Details +6011 1663 7338 | Sabrina +6017 636 6061 | Barney *Please note that framed artworks will not be entitled to our 7-day Return Policy. Shipping charges may apply.

Artwork Inspection

You can request to schedule an appointment with us to inspect the actual work at our office located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kindly arrange an appointment via the following contact: Contact Details +6011 1663 7338 | Sabrina +6017 636 6061 | Barney Once an inspection appointment has been scheduled, the status of the artwork in interest will be changed to 'On Hold' and will be locked for 7 days. *Please note that inspected artworks sold will not be entitled to the 7-day Return Policy.

7-Day Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with the artwork upon receipt, feel free to return the piece to us within 7 days from date of receiving with no questions asked. Kindly contact us (see below) during the 7-day period and we will provide you with a replacement of equal value after receiving the return. The return must be in its original condition. Shipping and insurance for returns to be borne by buyers. If the artwork arrived damaged, please take a photo as proof and inform us immediately. You are eligible for an equal value replacement. Cancellation is not allowed, but you can exchange it with an equal value replacement. Please contact us if you wish to do so. Contact Details +6011 1663 7338 | Sabrina +6017 636 6061 | Barney Artworks framed on request or inspected will not be entitled to a return.

Artwork Status

While browsing art on Younie E-Gallery, you might come across the following terms regarding the status of some artworks: No status The artwork is available and ready to sell. Sold The artwork is sold and no longer available. On Hold There is expressed interest(s) on the artwork. The artwork will be locked from selling for 7 days. Kindly contact us for more details. At Auction The artwork has been selected to be listed on auction, kindly contact us for more details.

Sell artworks on Younie E-Gallery

If you are a Malaysian professional artist, feel free to submit your application to list your works on our platform. Kindly learn more and apply through our YEG Membership Club. We will only accept works from original artists and no others. Look forward to partnering with you!



所有线上马来西亚本土画家及作品为颜丽轩线上画廊精心挑选。颜丽轩画廊是一间拥有十多年经验的纯美画廊。 线上所有作品皆是原创,售后将附上画家亲笔签字的真品证书。


当您在颜丽轩线上画廊浏览画作时,您可能会发现有些画作会拥有以下不同的当前状况: 无状况 此作品为开放状态,可随时购买。 已售 (Sold) 此作品已出售。 保留 (On Hold) 此作品目前有买家表达兴趣,作品将保留7天。请联络我们了解详情。 拍卖中 (At Auction) 此作品已被挑中参与拍卖。请联络我们了解详情。


凡在颜丽轩线上画廊购画,我们将提供全球免运服务。 我们亦会承担作品运输的保险费用。 预计送达时间: 马来西亚 3-7 个工作日 海外 7-14 个工作日 ​(行管期间或会延迟)





联系方式 +6011 1663 7338 | Sabrina +6017 636 6061 | Barney

*作品一旦装框, 将无权享有7天退换政策的福利。运费另计。


您可预约前来我们位于马来西亚吉隆坡的办公室查看实作。如有意安排检查作品请联络: 联络方式 +6011 1663 7338 | Sabrina +6017 636 6061 | Barney

一旦确认预约,该作品状态将转为“保留(On Hold)”。我们会为买家保留作品长达7天。



倘若不满意已收到的画作,您可于收到作品的7天内申请退换。 请于收到作品的7天内联系我们。收到退还的作品后,我们将给予您与之价值相等的替代画作。作品须以原状退还。退还作品的运输及保险费用将由买家承担。 如作品于收到时已损坏,请马上联络我们并拍照为证。我们将给予您与之价值相等的替代作品。 作品售出后不允许退款,但可选择与之价值相等的作品取代。届时请联络我们安排替换。 联系方式 +6011 1663 7338 | Sabrina +6017 636 6061 | Barney



若您是一位马来西亚的专业画家,欢迎您申请在我们的线上平台售卖您的画作。请前往颜丽轩线上画廊俱乐部了解详情并提出申请。 我们只接受画家本人的作品。期待与您的合作!

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