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Customised Services

Art Customisation Service

Whether it is for decorating hotel properties, residential or office spaces, construction & interior design projects, we're here to help.


We provide art customisation services that not only satisfy your budget but also fulfill your aesthetic and design needs!

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Order Painting Canvas with Us

Planning a huge project or have specific dimensions in mind? You are at the right place.

We create quality, custom blank canvases of any size, tailored to your artistic needs at a reasonable price.

​Just provide us your desired canvas size and we will give you a quote in 3 days. The canvas will be ready for collection after 2 weeks.

Get Your Artworks Photographed Professionally

Publicise your art with high-resolution, gallery-standard photos!


Impress your potential buyers as if they are standing in front of your artwork. Suitable for publication and documentation purposes.

Apart from paintings, we also photograph various works of art such as antiques, sculptures, and more.

Image by Emmanuel gido
Image by Minh Pham

Framing Service

Let your favourite artwork shine with beautiful, bespoke frame done according to your preference.

Tell us your desired frame style! Otherwise, let us choose the best frame for you based on our professional insights.

Quotation time depends on framing requirements. 


Framing takes 1 week for Western art and at least 2 weeks for Chinese art (including mounting, scrolling).

Interested in any of these services?

Book your service today! Kindly contact:

Younie           +6019 215 9878 

Jocelyn         +6011 3352 9578


Image by Janaya Dasiuk
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