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b. Perak, 1945 – d. 2014

Artist Biography

Born in Taiping, the late Alianda Chuah Kok Hooi was an extraordinary artist. Excelling in both watercolour and oil painting, Chuah devoted his life to exploring the profound connotation and truth that lie within the beauty of art.

In this process, he absorbed new artistic concepts and developed new painting methods, which he boldly applied to his creations. Chuah did not rely on traditional theories, firmly believing that an artwork should reflect the contemporary living environment and human nature. Only in this way, a piece can carry the spirit and substance of the modern world that contributes to its representativeness, value, historical importance and appreciation potential.

In his exploration, a series of new artistic concepts and means of expression emerged. In 1962, he proposed the painting concept and technique of "Emotionalism"; in 1998, he boldly advocated the "Five Basic Combinations of Painting"; and promoted the method and artistic value of the expressionism technique "Revelation"; in 1999, he proposed the concept of "Relief Impressionism" and "Charm of water"; in 2000, the new artistic thought of "Prototypism" was put forward; in 2004, the idea - "integration of objects and oneself" was advocated.

An art instructor and lecturer at art institutions for several years, Chuah was also involved in the advertising industry. Chuah was a life member of the Malaysia Contemporary Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Association, Penang Watercolour Society, as well as Perak Art Society (Ipoh), which he also co-founded.

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