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b. Myanmar, 1971

Artist Biography

Aung Thiha, a talented artist hailing from Myanmar, graduated from the Yangon National Academy of Fine Arts in 1995. His artistic journey was shaped under the mentorship of accomplished artists like U Mya Aye, U Thit Lwin Soe, Zaw Zaw Aung and Ko Kyi Win. Specializing in oil painting, Aung Thiha's work beautifully conveys his deep affection for nature and country, often portraying still life and human figures through a blend of realism and impressionism. In 2021, he embraced abstraction, leading to a captivating solo exhibition in 2023 – “Color Is Everything”, Artistic Space Art Gallery, Myanmar that unveiled his innovative abstract artworks.

Aung Thiha's artistic odyssey has spanned numerous solo and group exhibitions both within Myanmar and internationally. In Myanmar, he took part in exhibitions held at the Yangon Ministry of Culture, the Yangon Nationality Museum, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, The Yangon Gallery, the Orient Art Gallery, the Wahso Art Gallery, Northem Breeze Art Gallery and many more. Abroad, his works were exhibited at galleries in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Paris, captivating audiences with their emotive power and vibrant hues.

Among his accomplishments, Aung Thiha was honoured with the "Best Painting of the Year 2011" award from the Tun Foundation Bank. Beyond accolades, his art conveys a profound narrative, reflecting his soulful connection with the world and offering viewers a journey into the depths of human experience.

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