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b. Penang, 1946

Artist Biography

Graduated from the Singapore Academy of Fine Arts in 1965, Hong Poh Gaik is a renowned local Chinese ink painter known for her mastery in rendering beautiful chrysanthemums. Her outstanding talent and skills have been recognised through numerous awards, including the First Prize in the watercolour group during the 7th National Youth Open Competition organised by the National Art Gallery (1963), Merit Prize of the National Art Open Competition by Khazanah Investment Fund (1985), the Creation Award of the Malaysian Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association Exhibition (1992), the Guilin Art Academy Malaysia Ink Painting Exhibition Excellence Award (China, 1995) and Yandi Cup International Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Excellence Award (China, 1999). Hong Poh Gaik has held more than ten solo exhibitions and numerous joint exhibitions at home and abroad. Her works were collected by Taiwan Taichung Provincial Art Museum, Guilin Art Academy, Bank Negara, National Art Gallery, Malaysian Art Institute and Khazanah Investment Fund.

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