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b. Johor, 1965

Artist Biography

Kerk Won Hoo graduated from the Malaysia Central Academy of Art, where he took the role as a lecturer afterwards. In 1998, he opened his own calligraphy class at the Gan Association of Klang. All of these helped establish himself as a well-renowned calligrapher and art educator in Malaysia. His calligraphy works won Merit Prize at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in 1996 and entered the third National Exhibition for Couplet Writing in China. Besides teaching, Kerk has written more than 70 newspaper articles on arts and calligraphy. In 2021, Kerk held his Chinese Zodiac Ink Painting Exhibition amidst the pandemic and spent 3 months creating his catalogue series - "The Bullish Year". In 2023, Kerk exhibited in Johor Bahru, showcasing up to 80 ink paintings and 60 seal carving works. Today, he continues to offer courses on Chinese ink painting and seal carving, providing opportunity to the public to immerse themselves in Chinese art & culture.

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