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b. China, 1901 – d. Kuala Lumpur, 1995

Artist Biography

Lee Kah Yeow, a native of Yongchun, Fujian, China, developed a strong interest in painting at an early age and began learning Chinese painting at the age of 8. In 1922, he graduated from the then Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts (now Nanjing Arts Institute) established by Liu Haisu, a pioneer of China’s new art movement and modern art education. In 1926, he moved to Malaya (today’s Singapore and Malaysia), where he worked as an art instructor and principal in many Chinese schools, and later went into business. However, he never forgot his artistic dream. In 1959, he officially quit the business world and dedicated himself to the world of calligraphy and painting.

Lee studied avidly on ancient paintings since the Tang and Song Dynasties and various traditional calligraphy styles. Based on this, he pursued the integration of Chinese and Western painting methods to create an artistic style with unique personal characteristics. His persistence and hard work paid off and in his later years, when he was known for the powerful momentum, remarkable skills and excellent artistry on cursive calligraphy. A charitable person, Lee donated his works and treasured art collection selflessly to multiple institutions and generously supported local Chinese education, leaving valuable legacy to the future generations.

Abstract Wavy Object

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