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b. Selangor, 1975

Artist Biography

Leong Wai Hoong, also known as Michael L, was born in Malaysia, he is a veteran collector of painting and calligraphy works, he loves doing calligraphy and paintings as a hobby. Michael L immigrated to USA when he was a teenager. After graduated from Stanford University law school, he started taking up the art collection as a hobby while practicing his immigration law in both California and China Guangzhou in the 90’s. He founded ‘Qing Yun Lou’ (Cloud Pavilion) in Guangzhou later to convert his hobby into a business. In his youth, Michael L had begun his practice in calligraphy including imitating works of Weibei, the 20 delicate calligraphy works of Longmen and Stele of Zhang Qian. Besides, he has much more incisive researches in works of Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi and Huaisu. His works demonstrates strength and morale with his unique styles. Michael L learned from Yu Dongdeng, professor of Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) before learning from Professor Huang Junbi of Taiwan, when he resumed the process of imitating ancient works. This stage provided him with in-depth vision into Chinese paintings. He became aware of the fact that traditional Chinese landscape paintings require merits in both calligraphy and paintings.

In his 20s, Michael L had been instructed by Mr. Wang Jiqian with his ideology in lines of collection. This experience brought him fame in calligraphy and had him highly recommended by Sha Menghai, Fu Shen, He Huaishuo and other renowned figures in calligraphy industry. In terms of art appreciation, as a student of Wang Jiqian (Ji Qian), Michael L concentrates on the theory of ‘Calligraphy Ever Priors’ (which means the strokes of calligraphy is the foundation of Chinese ink paintings). His art collecting theory are based on the three factors: ‘Published many times; with authoritative publisher; and published during artist’s lifetime”. He put forward the forensic concept of "Forensic Science", which is "The Science of Evidence", and incorporating the spirit of the law into forensics, and expanded traditional forensics into a new horizon. Michael L devoted calligraphy works to Foguangyuan Art Museum and hosted many art exhibitions in China and abroad. All the incomes of the exhibitions were contributed to charity institutes and orphanages.

Abstract Wavy Object

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