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b. North Korea, 1967

Artist Biography

Ri Yong Song is a highly skilled North Korean oil painter renowned for his realistic artworks. Graduating from Pyongyang University of Fine Arts in 1997, he embarked on a professional artistic career with Korea Art Company. Notably, he held the position of Vice President from 2009 to 2011. In 2005, he furthered his education at Canada Computer Graphic Design Institution, followed by acquiring a Master's degree in Fine Arts the subsequent year. Recognized as a Merited Artist by the government in 2008, Ri Yong Song's prolific career spanned across countries like the United Kingdom, China, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia (2013-2015). His exceptional contributions were acknowledged with the title of People’s Artist in his home country in 2012.

Ri Yong Song's influence extends globally, evidenced by exhibitions in London and Beijing showcasing 7 and 13 oil paintings respectively. He also played a significant role in creating panoramas and dioramas in Egypt. A rising star in North Korea's artistic scene, Ri Yong Song participated in the National Art Exhibition 22 times, displaying nearly a hundred artworks and winning 11 golden medals and 5 silver medals for his outstanding pieces.

Abstract Wavy Object

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