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b. Johor, 1932

Artist Biography

Born in Muar, Johor, Tan Puay Jin graduated from the National Taiwan Normal University with Bachelor of Arts in 1961. After that, he took the role as an art teacher at Chung Hwa High School located at his hometown for as long as 30 years. Since 1962, he became a member of the Art Society of Muar and was appointed as its President multiple times. He was a member of the Watercolour Association Malaysia between year 1983 – 1993, and joined the Malaysia Contemporary Watercolour Association afterwards.

His solo exhibitions were first held at Qi Zhi Association’s Hall in Muar, Johor in 1969, and further hosted at Eng Bee Gallery, Muar, Johor (2002); MATRADE Hotel, Muar, Johor (2012) and Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (2013). Apart from that, Tan participated in numerous local and international group exhibitions, and has a rigid network of local and overseas collectors.

Tan integrates Chinese ink painting techniques, such as abstract washes and splashing ink, together with the Western concepts of realism and impressionism interchangeably and remarkably in his watercolour. By doing so, he was able to combine the transparency and beautiful flowing texture of watercolour with his inner emotions, thereby amazingly presents the characteristics and feelings of scenery’s atmosphere. His solid and steady outlines, coupled with the use of bold, yet not overbearing colours accurately portrays the artist’s personality – passionate yet restrained, free-spirited yet reserved.

Abstract Wavy Object

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