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b. China, 1913 - d. Penang, 1990

Artist Biography

Xiao Yaotian, a native of Chaoyang, Guangdong, was a prestigious scholar, writer, calligrapher and painter, known for his outstanding achievements in academic, literary and artistic fields. In 1930, he studied under Zhu Wenyun, Xie Gongzhan, Huang Binhong and Zheng Manqing at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. He settled in Penang, Malaysia since 1953 and taught at the Chung Ling Secondary School and Malaysia Teacher Education Institute. He helped formulated the Chinese curriculum with Lin Lianyu and others and conducted richful research on Chaozhou culture, language, drama and music. Xiao actively engaged in calligraphy and Chinese ink painting, holding exhibitions in more than 30 cities across Southeast Asia since the 1970s. Master Zhang Daqian once praised: "Xiao Yaotian has a profound brushwork, making him a leader among literati paintings that merge poetry, calligraphy and painting into one picture."

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