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b. China, 1945

Artist Biography

In 1981, Yung Shing Cho became a student of second-generation Lingnan Master Yang Shanshen. Yung's artworks classically exemplify the typical Lingnan painting style. The Lingnan school of painting incorporates both Chinese and Western influence, where the line-oriented traditional gong-bi (工笔) is fused with the spontaneous depiction of light and colours known in Western art. Equipped with proficient painting skills, Yung is considered one of the prominent representatives among the third generation Lingnan School. Yung enjoys sketching nature and sceneries, paying extra attention to the accuracy and demeanour while depicting his subjects, which are usually birds, flowers, insects, and plants. The harmonious balance between form and spirit and the remarkable use of colours make his works stand out among the others.

Abstract Wavy Object

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