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b. Selangor, 1966

Artist Biography

Graduated with a diploma in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Technology, Zaharuddin Sarbini is a passionate self-taught artist with a love of art since his childhood. He was known for his richly coloured, realistic still life paintings on natural life such as fruits, birds and fish, excelling in the use of bright, translucent watercolours and vivid oil paintings.

Zaharuddin Sarbini has took part in more than 50 art exhibitions at prestigious locations. At the National Art Gallery, he exhibited at a series of group shows, such as the “Philip Morris ASEAN Arts Awards” (1996 & 1997), “Open Exhibition” (2002), “Landscapes of Malaysia” (2006), “Hijau Birunya Belom” (2006) and “Meditasi Merdeka” (2011). At Bank Negara Malaysia, he participated in the “Malaysia Tanahairku” in 2000. At Petronas Art Gallery, he joined the “APS Exhibition” (1997) and “Figure in Paint” (2011). He also showcased his works at the “Suara Dan Imajan” exhibition at Maybank Art Gallery (2003), as well as Open Shows of the Shah Alam Art Gallery in 1996, 1997 & 2003.

In 1966, he took home the Initiative Young Artist Award awarded by the Shah Alam Gallery while in 1997, his work received Honourable Mention from the National Art Gallery. His winning artwork “Jambu Air” was exhibited in London and Paris during 1998. His first solo exhibition was held at Balai Berita NST (2008). His subsequent solo exhibitions were held at City Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, namely “INDAH” (2008) and “INDAH 2” (2013).

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