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SEA OF CLOUDS, 2021 - 60 cm x 80 cm - Oil on canvas - KOH CHOW LENG.jpg



b. Perak, 1956


Artist Biography

Koh Chow Leng was born in 1956 in the Malaysian state of Perak but grew up in the small town of Jerantut in another state Pahang.

2023    - Joyous Together, Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
2022 - 2023    - Keindahan Malaysia 2.0, Malacca Art Gallery, Malacca
2019    - Enchanting Malaysia Art Exhibition, Suncake Museum, Taichung, Taiwan
2018    - 9th Asian International Art Exhibition, Qingdao Art Gallery, China
2017    - Da Hong Hua International Tea & Cultural Expo, Viva Mall, Kuala Lumpur
2016    - Blossom Arts Festival Malaysia, Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur
2008    - Colourful Live Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition

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