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THE ETERNAL DANCE OF THE WAVES, 2023 浪的永恒共舞,2023 - 50 cm x 50 cm - Oil on canvas - Koh Yoo



b. Pahang, 1960


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Artist Biography

Koh Yooi Chee, a talented artist based in Malaysia, began her journey in painting in 2011 under the guidance of a few renowned art masters.


With their guidance and her passion for art, she has created numerous captivating art pieces in various mediums such as Chinese ink, acrylic, and oil paintings.


Over the past decade, Koh Yooi Chee has been actively participating in various art exhibitions both at home and abroad, showcasing her exquisite works to art lovers from different corners of the world.

In addition to her remarkable talent in art, Koh Yooi Chee is also an active member of various art organizations in Malaysia, including the Malaysian Artist Association, Malaysian Female Artists and Angkatan Pelukis Semalaysia (APS).

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 - "Joyous Together", Malaysia, Indonesia & Myanmar Artist Art Exchange Exhibition, Younie Gallery 
2022 - "Creation of Art in Unity", International Exchange Art Exhibition, GMBB Kuala Lumpur
2019 – “Empowering Women", International Women’s Day Art Exhibition 2019, Straits Quay, Performing Arts Centre of Penang
2019 - “Autumn Rainbow Bridge”, Malaysia Taiwan Artists’ Art Exhibition, Villa Emmanuel Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
2019 – "Shah Alam Gallery Open Exhibition (Pameran Terbuka Gallery Shah Alam 2019)”, Galeri Shah Alam, Shah Alam
2018 – “The 9th Asia International Art Exhibition”, Qingdao Art Gallery, China. Her art piece was nominated to be collected by the Asian International Art Committee in Qingdao.
2017 - “The Belt and Road Initiative Malaysia – China Cultural and Art Year”, The 1st Malaysia-China Renowned Female Artist Art Exchange Exhibition, Longhua Art Museum, Kuala Lumpur
2017 - “Bengkel Catan Cat Minyak”, Galeri APS (Angkatan Pelukis SeMalaysia) 
2016 – 2019 - “The Asia Invitation Art Exhibition”, hosted by Korea Culture Art Research Institute, Korea Gallery, Seoul, Korea


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