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Yellow Flower

Yasuragi - Repose


Solo exhibition


Risa Wada 莉沙和田


11/08/2019 - 22/08/2019


Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur


Risa Wada, a demure lady who enjoys her life in her own quiet world. After working for 18 years, she resigned from her job and now leisurely spends time with her cats at home. Her daily life is full of dialogues and playtime with her cats, which the idea to visualise her genuine feelings gradually emerged. Risa’s affections towards her feline friends drove her to ponder over their thoughts and behaviours. With blooming inspirations, she depicts her cat's spiritual world and soul in surreal forms and colours, giving them "shapes" that could be approached and appreciated. This was the starting point for her to open the doors towards the path of art and painting. Risa’s imagination spreads to her plants at home. She too tries to communicate and understand them, and their feelings and emotions are turned into artworks, which has given rise to “Anima”, or Plant Spirits series.

To become a maestro in arts, one must not only equip themselves with superb painting skills but also possess a spirit of transcendent creativity. This is because although skills and techniques could be improved through relentless practices, to have extraordinary creative productivity as an artist is even more difficult. Risa Wada may just be an emerging artist at this point, nevertheless, she has already owned the most valuable talent an artist could have. Thus, while there are still rooms for improvement in painting skills, her creations are starting to resemble those of great artists. As such, I foresee that her future prospect is truly promising!


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