ANIMA SERIES: DAYLIGHT I (2019) by Risa Wada

ANIMA SERIES: DAYLIGHT I (2019) by Risa Wada



b. Kuala Lumpur, 1972




Signed and dated (lower right)

Acrylic on canvas 

15.5 cm x 15 cm



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  • Born in 1972, Risa Wada is an emerging Malaysian-based artist whose spouse is a Japanese. She specializes in contemporary art through the creative application of flat acrylic painting designs. She graduated with a certificate in Fashion Design from Eric’s Fashion School.


    Upon graduation, she worked in an investment bank for 18 years. However, she decided that investment banking was not for her and aspired to be an artist that she always dreamt to be since her childhood days.


    In 2016, Risa started her first Wild Desert Cactus Collection. She caught her cat, Toro, staring at the cacti for long periods of time. This caused her to wonder how Toro views the world around him. Her curiosity in Mother Nature peaked as she imagined how the soul and spirit in cacti, plants and trees remain unknown to human, as though they are aliens.


    Toro inspired her to view everyday life through a more creative lens. In her artwork, she combines two common aspects of life: Mother Nature and human emotions. In addition, she looks up to her idols, Yayoi Kusama, Joan Miro & Aya Takano, for changing people’s perceptions on contemporary art.

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