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ASTONISHMENT (2003) by Tan Puay Tee

ASTONISHMENT (2003) by Tan Puay Tee


b. Muar, 1935





Signed and dated 'TEE 2003' (lower right); titled on reverse

Oil on canvas, framed

69 cm x 81 cm

  • Born in Muar, Johor, Tan Puay Tee is a talented self-taught artist skilled in various media, such as oil painting, watercolour, woodcut print, Chinese ink painting and more. He began to explore oil painting since 1958, an artistic journey of over 60 years so far. Though self-taught, his fresh, unique style and perspective were greatly admired by the art circle, and he successfully showcased his works in invited exhibitions (1962 – 1969) and Annual Art Exhibitions (1984 – 1985) at the National Art Gallery. His works were selected for the ‘Contemporary Art in Asia’ exhibition in 1965 and the ‘Salon Malaysia’ art exhibition in 1968. 


    Tan Puay Tee held his first solo exhibition in 1969 back in his hometown, Muar. After that, he held further solo shows, including “A Series of Stories, A Symphony of Life” (2002) which took place in both Muar and Singapore, “Xin Yu”, Muar (2008), and “Life ∙ Bitter”, Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (2012). Other notable group exhibitions include the Muar Art Society Members’ Exhibition (1972 – 95) and the Malaysian-Chinese Artists Art Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur (1985). His collectors include the National Art Gallery and numerous Malaysian and Singaporean private art collectors.


    陈培智出生于马来西亚柔佛麻坡,自1958年开始油画创作。陈培智积极地参与了麻坡艺术协会举办的展览,也曾多次参加吉隆坡本土画家公开展。1962年开始至1969年,他每年都获邀参加吉隆坡国家画廊的邀请展,并在1984年和1985年在吉隆坡国家画廊常年展展出作品。1965年,陈培智受邀参与 “亚洲当代美展” 之巡回展。1968年,画作更是被选入参与 “马来西亚沙龙” 美展。1985年,陈培智在吉隆坡全国华裔画家美展参与展出。陈培智多数的个人画展皆在家乡 – 麻坡举办,但也曾在新加坡( 2002年“一连串的故事、一组的交响曲”)以及吉隆坡颜丽轩画廊(2012年“生命。苦集”)进行个展。他的艺术品得到了马来西亚国家画廊、马来西亚及新加坡私人收藏家的支持。


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