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LOTUS POND by Puah Kim Hai

LOTUS POND by Puah Kim Hai


b. Kuala Lumpur, 1950





Signed and sealed (lower right)

Ink and colour on paper

46 cm x 60 cm

  • About the Artist

    Graduating from the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) in 1972, Puah Kim Hai further refined his Chinese ink painting techniques in Hong Kong under renowned Lingnan Art Master Yang Shanshen in 1980. Infatuated with batik, he ingeniously merged its allure with ink painting, giving rise to a unique style characterized by vibrant colors infused with local culture. As a leading Lingnan Art Master, Puah Kim Hai serves as President of the Malaysian Lingnan Art Society and holds notable positions in other artistic associations. His accolades include the Silver Prize in the 1992 International Shui Mo Art Competition and the Excellent Prize from the Overseas Chinese Art and Calligraphy Studies Association. Exhibiting globally, his works were auctioned at Beijing Poly, one of the largest auction houses in China, in 2014. His captivating fusion of batik and ink painting stands as a hallmark of the Southeast Asian Lingnan-style art, seamlessly harmonizing Eastern and Western influences to create an art movement centered on life and nature.


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