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RURAL LANDSCAPE (2017) by Koh Teng Huat

RURAL LANDSCAPE (2017) by Koh Teng Huat


b. Penang, 1963





Signed and dated 'Koh 2017' (lower right)

Oil on canvas, framed

60 cm x 91 cm

  • Born 1963 in Penang, Malaysia, Koh Teng Huat is a self-taught artist known for his skilled application of the impasto technique. Impasto is a technique in painting, where paint is laid on an area of surface very thickly, usually thick enough so that the brush or painting-knife strokes are visible. 

    As the Founder of Balik Pulau Art Society in Penang, Koh is one of the few Malaysian artists who paints with a palette knife. He finds that it creates a simpler composition and highlights the beauty of a painting.


    Captivated by the beauty of nature, his artworks are mainly themed with picturesque landscape, inspired from his travels within Malaysia and also abroad including China, Indonesia, New Zealand and Europe.    

    Koh’s selected solo exhibitions include Nostalgia of Koh, Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (2015), The Art of Palette Knife 2.0, Lion City Art Gallery, Singapore (2016) and Serene Impression, The Art Gallery, Penang (2019). In 2019, he has received the Outstanding Achievement - Worldwide Excellence Award (WEA).





    古天发的精选个展有:古乡情,吉隆坡颜丽轩画廊(2015)、The Art of Palette Knife 2.0,新加坡狮城画廊(2016)以及印象 · 寂静, The Art Gallery,槟城(2019)。他更是于2019年荣获世杰国际控股集团所颁发的“世界名人榜 – 飞跃成就”奖项。


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