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THE PURPLE WEB II (2020) by Sivaneswari Sinnathamby

THE PURPLE WEB II (2020) by Sivaneswari Sinnathamby


b. Kuala Lumpur, 1955




Signed and dated (lower right)

Acrylic on canvas 

59.5 cm x 42 cm





A Purple Web of Plant Cells, a Mystical Winter Forest


A dark band stretching horizontally across the canvas forms the backbone of the painting. From there, streaks of purple extend vigorously towards both ends of canvas. The serene, muted tone is harmonized by splashes of bright turquoise blue.


Looking closely, you will find a network of tiny cell molecules laying within the running trails of colour, bursting with life and energy. The complex structure resembles the cross-section of plant under the microscope.


Yet from afar, a winter lake landscape lies in front of you. Covered with mist, a mystical forest stood quietly at a distance. Its beauty reflects on a frozen lake, imbuing the bliss of solitude.


No matter what your interpretation might be, the theme remains the same – the power of nature, so mighty yet mesmerizing, and its ability to conquer our souls without fail.



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  • Sivaneswari’s passion for Art and Music began during her school days, which led her to do a Diploma Course at the Malaysian Institute of Art, majoring in Commercial Art. In her graduation year, she held an exhibition of her works at the Kuala Lumpur Hilton Hotel, where her works in oil paintings were exhibited. While studying and prior to graduation, she also worked as a part-time designer for a facial tissue manufacturer in Kuala Lumpur.


    Upon graduation, she worked as a Display Artist for the Campbell Supermarket Group, and subsequently moved on to a Public Relations Consultancy as an In-house Artist working on journals and advertising materials. From here she moved to the Creative Department of an Advertising Agency.

    She took a break following her marriage and was doing more Freelance work during the first ten years post marriage, including teaching in a School of Fashion, working in various mediums of Art as a hobby which included oil and watercolour paintings, sketching, fabric & lino-printing and wood carving.

    She has now progressed to a new Art form, which is known as Fluid Art, involving acrylic paints mixed with pouring medium on canvas, with many different techniques such as the Swipe, Flip & Drag, Funnel and Dirty Pour, to name a few. These were self-taught and experimented on, while also working on Penned Mandalas.


    She has great pleasure in doing these works of art, as a self-expression of her love and devotion to her hobby.

  • This artwork is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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