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TOGETHER by Yung Shing Cho

TOGETHER by Yung Shing Cho


b. China, 1945





Signed and sealed (lower right)

Ink and colour on paper, framed

45 cm x 45 cm


Inscriptions 题识:容绳祖。

Seals 钤印:敦煌容氏

  • In 1981, Yung Shing Cho became a student of second-generation Lingnan Master Yang Shanshen. Yung's artworks classically exemplify the typical Lingnan painting style. The Lingnan school of painting incorporates both Chinese and Western influence, where the line-oriented traditional gong-bi (工笔) is fused with the spontaneous depiction of light and colours known in Western art. Equipped with proficient painting skills, Yung is considered one of the prominent representatives among the third generation Lingnan School. Yung enjoys sketching nature and sceneries, paying extra attention to the accuracy and demeanour while depicting his subjects, which are usually birds, flowers, insects, and plants. The harmonious balance between form and spirit and the remarkable use of colours make his works stand out among the others.




     岭南画派提倡水墨技法的改革与创新, 主张以中国传统的水墨工笔技法, 融合西方写意的绘画方式。传统工笔采用先勾勒物体外形再施予重彩, 如此虽然可清晰表达物象, 却显得生硬呆板, 并且捆绕画家的思想边界。 而西方写意技法, 则注重物体的自然神态表现, 摒弃外在轮廓僵硬的局限, 注重写生, 用色亦趋附自然光彩。 中西两种技法融合, 就形成岭南派独树一格并颠覆传统的绘画风格。容绳祖是中国香港第三代岭南画派代表之一,绘画技法纯熟,喜爱山野写生,对花鸟虫树草木物象的要求也极重于物形的真实与神态意象的表现。形神兼备,是他的作品所达至的一个境界。不流俗的色彩,使观赏者不觉厌腻。古意映然,韵味回荡,让人倍感珍叹!


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