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SARONG (1998) by Baharuddin Mat Yunos

SARONG (1998) by Baharuddin Mat Yunos


b. Kelantan, 1947 – d. circa 2010


SARONG, 1998



Signed and dated ‘Baharuddin MY 98’ (lower left)

Watercolour on paper, framed

30 cm x 20 cm

  • The traditional sarong is a recurring theme in the watercolour pieces of the late Baharuddin Mat Yunos. In this painting, a lady is seen wearing a batik sarong that is beautifully adorned with red floral patterns. Only the lower part of the body is visible, obscuring the identity of the woman, beckoning the viewer's boundless imagination.


    The stark interplay between the dark sarong and the bright background immediately catches the gaze of the viewers. In the distance, the blue sky and sandy beach can be vaguely seen, conveying depth and dimensionality to the picture, allowing the painting to breathe. The intricate folds and wrinkles of the damp fabric, as it delicately caresses the skin of the subject, are meticulously rendered, an evidence of the artist’s superb artistic skill. The sarong, a cultural icon of Southeast Asia, traditionally signified the social status of its wearer. However, within this particular work of art, the sarong serves merely as an accompaniment to a lady, who leisurely enjoys a good time at the sunny beach.


    Baharuddin Mat Yunos was previously represented by the esteemed Anugerah Gallery, a long-standing advocate of both local and international artistic talent since its establishment in 1996. Works by Baharuddin Mat Yunos were seen at local art auctions, including Henry Butcher and Masterpiece. Notably, in March 2021, one of his larger watercolour works from the Sarong series, “Perempuan Berkemban, 1999”, was sold for slightly over RM 10,000 at Henry Butcher, four times above its starting bid.

Colour: Blue

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