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A GLORIOUS DAY by Kerk Won Hoo

A GLORIOUS DAY by Kerk Won Hoo


b. Johor, 1965





Signed, titled and sealed (upper right)

Ink and colour on paper, mounted on board

27 cm x 27 cm

  • Kerk Won Hoo graduated from the Malaysia Central Academy of Art, where he took the role as a lecturer afterwards. In 1998, he opened his own calligraphy class at the Gan Association of Klang. All of these helped establish himself as a well-renowned calligrapher and art educator in Malaysia. His calligraphy works won a Merit Prize at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in 1996 and entered the third National Exhibition for Couplet Writing in China. Besides teaching, Kerk has written more than 70 newspaper articles on arts and calligraphy. In 2021, Kerk held his Chinese Zodiac Ink Painting Exhibition amidst the pandemic and spent 3 months creating his catalogue series - "The Bullish Year". In 2023, Kerk exhibited in Johor Bahru, showcasing up to 80 ink paintings and 60 seal carving works. Today, he continues to offer courses on Chinese ink painting and seal carving, providing opportunity to the public to immerse themselves in Chinese art & culture.


    郭温和毕业于大马中央艺术学院,是本地知名的书法家和老师。他曾担任学院讲师及独中美术导师,并于1998年在巴生颜氏公会创办了墨典书画教研室。他的书法作品曾获1996年全国美术作品展特优奖,也入选中国第三届楹联书法大展。郭老师在教学业余,也执笔论艺,曾在报章专栏执写"郭老师谈书法"共70余篇及多篇书画印谈艺之作。2021年,疫情的冲击迫使郭温和暂止课堂教学活动,但秉着对书画推广的强烈热情及使命,在这段期间依旧举办了一年一度的生肖水墨牛画展迎新年,并且花了3个月的时间创作一系列作品,汇入 “孺子牛画作”个人画册。 2023年,大马的疫情转缓,郭温和除了历年的生肖水墨画展之外,也于新山举办展览,展示了他80件水墨画作品和60个篆刻作品。现在的他已重返美术教育工作,于东艺馆持续传授水墨画及篆刻,使大众得到中华艺术的熏陶。

Colour: Brown

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