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LOTUS SERIES (2011) by Fong Kim Sing

LOTUS SERIES (2011) by Fong Kim Sing


b. Kedah, 1949 - d. 2021




Signed and dated ‘Kim Sing 11’ (lower right)
Acrylic on canvas
92 cm x 107 cm



See the artist profile here 阅览画家简历

  • About the Artist

    The late Fong Kim Sing, a passionate self-taught artist born in Kedah, breathed life into his art amidst making a living through various professions – from illustrator to hawker. Undeterred, he poured his heart into painting after each day's toil. Actively engaged in northern art societies, Fong Kim Sing's artistic journey flourished. Lured by memories of childhood, he created the mesmerizing "Lotus" series. His canvases, graced with translucent palettes, conjured a dreamy realm where lotus blooms danced alongside dragonflies and butterflies under the moon's soft gaze, reminiscent of Monet's Water Lilies


    Fong Kim Sing held at least 8 solos shows during his lifetime, including the “Misty Morning”, NN Gallery, KL (1996), “Fong Solo Exhibition”, Balai Seni, Kedah (1999), “Lotus in Bloom”, NN Gallery, KL (2007), and “Perjalanan Seorang Seniman”, NN Gallery, KL (2012), “Jelapang Padi”, The Galeri Seni Mutiara, Penang (2013), “Cenderawasih”, NN Gallery, KL (2018). He was awarded 3rd Prize of the Kedah Festival Open Show and 2nd Prize of KONTENA Nasional Sdn Bhd. He also exhibited in a diverse array of group shows and expos, such as “Malaysian Art Open Exhibition”, National Art Gallery (1987), “Malaysia Watercolour Biennale Exhibition”, Singapore (1989), “Asian Watercolours '90”, Hong Kong (1990), “Expresi A.P.K.”, Petronas Art Gallery (1994) and "Artists Art Fair Malaysia", Kuala Lumpur (2014). His dedication to art, combined with life's myriad experiences, created a tapestry of beauty that captivated hearts and immortalized his spirit.


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